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A Good Move is a

  Well-Planned Move. 

  • We let our customers use quality recycled boxes for free providing that we get them back 
  • We are an Eco Friendly Company and qualified to have an ad in the eco section of the Yellow Pages 
  • Mobility Moving is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Edmonton and Northern Alberta









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Insurance is included in the price. Any claim is subject to a $50 deductible fee (per item). A claim must be brought to the attention of Mobility Moving before leaving your residence at the end of the job. If a claim is put forward Mobility Moving reserves the right to resolve the damage by repair first and if it can not be repaired then replacement is the next step. If replacement is not an option then a cash settlement on the depreciated price of the item is the final solution.


No claim shall a) exceed $1000 b) exceed the price of the move or c) be accepted if it is an item that is “owners risk”. If you want coverage above $1000 on an individual item you will need to purchase “High Value Insurance”. This insurance is based on $10 for each $1000 of declared value of the individual item. “High Value Items” must be declared before the move day. On move the item will be inventoried, photographed and the condition of the item will be noted.


On the day of the move we will provide wardrobe boxes for transporting hanging clothes. These are included in the hourly rate..


We can assist with the dismantling and assembly if required. We can service appliances but Mobility Moving will assume no liability for the mechanical operation upon delivery.


Gas appliances and dishwashers are the customer’s responsibility to connect and disconnect.


Items that are at owner’s risk are boxes or containers packed by owner unless it is dropped by Mobility Moving. All electronics, food, plants including unpacked a)glass, b)ornaments and c)pictures are  owner’s risk. Mobility Moving reserves the right to notify the customer of any items that are a particularly prone to damage from handling and transporting on the day of the move. These items will be deemed owner’s risk.


Oils, paints, aerosols, propane tanks, flammables and other items stated in the “Dangerous Goods” page on our website are not to be transported on our trucks. Mobility Moving will not be responsible for damages cause by any liquid spilling onto other items.


The customer understands that the representatives of Mobility Moving should not be working in an environment where children, dogs or otherwise are interfering with the task that is being performed. Residential moving has its dangers and Mobility Moving has WCB insurance for its employees. The customer and their guests are liable for any damage or injury that happens by them while Mobility Moving is performing service on their premise.


Cash, Mastercard, Cheque and Visa are the accepted forms of payment at the end of service.


Thank you for choosing Mobility Moving.



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Please note that these terms must be agreed upon prior to your moving date. if you have any questions, please contact out office at 780-718-2071.