Moving FAQs

Moving FAQs




  • How are my appliances handled and do they require preparation before the move?
    Appliances should be prepared by a licensed professional before being moved. If this is not done Mobility Moving will do it’s best to secure, however please note that articles not professionally serviced by a licensed professional will travel at owner risk for internal damage.
  • Do you do an inventory of my household items?
    Yes we do, It will consists of a detailed numbered list of all of your household belongings.  On your moving day an inventory of these items will be done.  When you arrive at your new home you will check off each number as the items are unloaded into your new home.
  • How are artwork and antiques handled?
    Special cartons are used to protect your paintings and special care is taken to handle all antiques as our staff are specially trained in all aspects of these areas.
  • What items are not allowed?
    Please see our “Dangerous Goods” section for more details
  • Do I empty dressers?
    No, the dressers can stay full, drawers will be secured, however be sure to remove any breakables.
  • What do you do with electronics, computers etc.?
    Arrangements can be made to have these items disconnected.
  • How will you protect my flooring etc.?
    The crew will place water proof floor runners on all surfaces to protect them.  Stair banners etc. are usually wrapped if necessary as well to avoid damages.  Once your home is assessed proper precautions will be taken to ensure no damage occurs.
  • What should I pack myself?
    We recommend that you pack only unbreakable items.  Please note that these items are at owner’s risk


  • What do I do with items in my freezer and fridge?
    Mobility Moving accepts no liability for frozen food or perishables. We request that you move these items on your own if possible.
  • Will you take my plants?
    Mobility Moving can transport your plants, but because some plants are susceptible to shock when moving, Mobility Moving accepts no liability.
  • Will you take my propane tank?
    We cannot move propane tanks as this item falls under the dangerous goods rule. Please see our “Dangerous Goods” section
  • Do you transport pets?
    We do not move pets and recommend that you make arrangements prior to have your pets safely transported to their new home.
  • Do you move vehicle batteries?
    We cannot move batteries as this item falls under the dangerous goods rule.  Please see our “Dangerous Goods” section.
  • Do you move alcohol?
    We will move all sealed items at owner’s risk, excluding carbonated beverages, these must be transported by the customer.
  • Can you take household cleaners?
    Any cleaners that fall under the “Dangerous Goods” section cannot be transported this includes non-aerosol, corrosive or oil based materials.
  • Do you move pianos?
    Yes, our crews are trained piano mover however Mobility Moving must be notified in advance.
  • Do you move automobiles?
    No we do not.
  • Will you take firearms?
    The customer is responsible for transporting their own firearms as well as ammunition.


  • What can I expect on when my furniture arrives?
    Upon arrival at your new home, the driver will provide you with an inventory check sheet (as per above).  You will check off each item as it is unloaded from the moving van into your new home.
  • Do you put furniture back together?
    Anything our crew takes apart during your move, we will reassemble at your new home.
  • How long will the move take?
    Allow yourself extra time and try to be flexible on moving day.  Road conditions, traffic and weather can be direct factors in determining the length of time it takes for your goods to arrive.  You should expect your delivery to arrive the day it is expected to.
  • What do I do with my boxes after my move?
    Call us and we will arrange pick up for you.


Mobility Moving offers various payment optionn such as cash, certified cheque, MasterCard, Visa, bank draft/money order. Credit card payments will be made at the end of your move.

If there are questions we have not answered please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you, or you can call us at 780-718-2071.

Click here for information on “Dangerous Goods