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Other Services




Packing can be one of the biggest challenges of your move. Whether you select Mobility Moving professional packing services for your entire household or just for a few special items, we can help you. Mobility Moving professional packing services offer you convenience and peace of mind.  Our packers are trained in packing methods to alleviate any damage during transit.   We offer a full range of packing services from the complete packing of all items in your home, to partial packing services. Whatever your packing needs, we can assist.

Office Moving

Need to move your personal office or a company needs to relocate to a new building. Give us a call and we will be happy to come have a look and give you a detailed quote.

Internal Building Moving

We can help if you need movers but don’t require a truck. This is common when you are moving to a different suite where you already live.

Home Renovations

Need to get ready for contractors or even just getting new carpet installed. We can help prior to the renovation job and afterwards we can put everything back to how you want it.

Loading or Delivering Pod Containers

Moving to a new city or just requiring a pod container for storage till you get possession of your new home. We can professionally protect and handle your items into the pod or into your new home.

Salvage Removal

Have some things that you don’t want to move as you are downsizing then we can help.

Please contact us at mobilitymoving@shaw.ca for more information or call us at 780-718-2071 and we would be happy to assist you.