Packing Tips

Packing Tips




If you are planning to pack your home and are unable to obtain suitable packing materials, Mobility Moving will gladly arrange to supply you with proper materials at a reasonable price.  If you like we provide wardrobes for the day of your move free of charge as well as rubber made bins for any “last pack:” items.  Please let us know in advance should you require these items.

  • Boxes should not exceed 50 pounds.
  • When marking boxes, we suggest you mark contents both on top and on the side for easy identification.
  • It is helpful to indicate on your boxes which room it should be delivered to at destination. This will also save you time and the energy of not having to sort through boxes.
  • If you plan to do your own packing, start well in advance of moving day by packing the out of season items. This avoids last minute rushing which may cause you stress and/or to forget other important details.
  • Fragile stickers on boxes will alert you and the moving company to give special care to these containers.
  • Be sure to cushion boxes with newsprint the bottom and top of the box when packing fragile items.  Be generous with the paper (cushioning). Remember that having less empty space in the box will prevent damage.
  • It is wise to have an “Arrival Box” ready upon destination with things you will need immediately at your new residence. You can include instant coffee,snacks for the kids, small pan, paper plates and cups, plastic spoons, paper towels, mini tool set, light bulbs, first aid kit, food for the pets, and any other items you may feel necessary.  This will be the last box to go on the moving van and will be the first box off.
  • Items that should be last on the truck should include, crib, playpens, children’s necessities to ensure you can have things set up for them quickly upon arrival at your new home.
  • Be sure not to pack away any important medications. Pack them separately and carry them with you.

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