Packing Tips

Packing Tips




Boxes should not exceed 50 pounds.

When marking boxes, we suggest you mark contents both on top and on the side for easy identification.

It is helpful to indicate on your boxes which room it should be delivered to at destination. This will also save you time and the energy of not having to sort through boxes.

If you plan to do your own packing, start well in advance of moving day by packing the out of season items. This avoids last minute rushing which may cause you stress and/or to forget other important details.

Fragile stickers on boxes will alert you and the moving company to give special care to these containers.

Be sure to cushion boxes with paper on the bottom and top of the box when packing fragile items.  Be generous with the paper (cushioning). Remember that having less empty space in the box will prevent damage.

It is wise to have an “unpack first box”ready upon destination with things you will need immediately at your new residence. You can include instant coffee,snacks for the kids, small pan, paper plates and cups, plastic spoons, paper towels, mini tool set, light bulbs, first aid kit, food for the pets, and any other items you may feel necessary.  This will be the last box to go on the moving van and will be the first box off.

Be sure not to pack away any important medications. Pack them separately and carry them with you.



How are my appliances handled and do they require preparation before the move?

Appliances should be prepared by a licensed professional before being moved.

How are artwork and antiques handled?

Special cartons are used to protect your paintings and special care is taken to handle all antiques as our staff are specially trained in all aspects of these areas. Please advise if you have any items of special concern

What items are not allowed?

Please see our “Dangerous Goods” section for more details

Do I empty dressers?

Yes we prefer dressers empty so that they are easier to handle and no risk of comprising the structural integrity of it.

What do you do with electronics, computers etc.?

We can assist with disconnecting these items and moving them but we are not responsible for connecting them back after delivery. Please see if your cable provider or someone with experience can help with that.

How will you protect my flooring etc.?

The crew will place water proof floor runners on all surfaces to protect them.  Stair banners etc. are usually wrapped if necessary as well to avoid damages.  Once your home is assessed proper precautions will be taken to ensure no damage occurs.



What do I do with items in my freezer and fridge?

Mobility Moving can move these items but accepts no liability for frozen food or perishables.

Will you take my plants?

Yes but Mobility Moving accepts no liability.

Will you take my propane tank?

We cannot move propane tanks as this item falls under the dangerous goods rule. Please see our “Dangerous Goods” section

Do you move pianos?

Yes we can move most pianos. Please advise us if you require that.

Will you take firearms?

The customer is responsible for transporting their own firearms as well as ammunition.



What can I expect on when my furniture arrives?

The crew will protect your home with floor runners and anything else required prior to moving items in. Please advise the crew of any details they should know regarding where you want the furniture to go.

Do you put furniture back together?

Anything our crew takes apart during your move, we will reassemble at your new home.

If there are questions we have not answered please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you, or you can call us at 780-718-2071.

Click here for information on “Dangerous Goods